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Capturing the visual spectacle of the Larrakia lands and beyond from the air for 20 years.
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Latest Adventures

My latest adventures take time to reach the screen. Do I write a blog post, pick photos, edit video add a sound track… or do I just go flying?

What’s at the end of your runway?

On a windy Sunday morning which marked the start day of the NT’s first Covid lockdown during the pandemic (27 June 2021), we took off from MKT Airstrip into a[…]

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Tigers at Gunn Point

Don’t like reading? Here is the podcast. Click the green play button before the slideshow link if you want to listen while viewing the photos. Gunn Point is a popular[…]

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Capturing the Supermoon – perigree, syzygy and apogee

I woke up early the other day. 4:30am. Coincidently it was the morning of the April 2021 supermoon or pink moon. I took the following pictures with my Nikon D7200[…]

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