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Capturing the visual spectacle of the Larrakia lands and beyond from the air for 20 years.
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Latest Adventures

My latest adventures take time to reach the screen. Do I write a blog post, pick photos, edit video add a sound track… or do I just go flying?

Ultralight Flight – Bynoe Harbour – Crabclaw to Dundee via Indian and Bare Sand Island

Okay, this is my longest (recorded) and slowest flight yet… At one point off the Eastern end of Indian Island I tracked further east to get a photograph of the[…]

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A squadron of manta rays at Gunn Point

Having given away the interesting aspect of this particular flight through the title, I will describe some of the photographs that I took on my way out to this popular[…]

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This ultralight flying video is popular

I don’t know why this video is popular but quite a few people have viewed it on YouTube so I thought that I’d include it here in a short post.[…]

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