Tigers at Gunn Point

Don’t like reading? Here is the podcast. Click the green play button before the slideshow link if you want to listen while viewing the photos. Gunn Point is a popular destination for pilots from MKT Airfield out for a recreational flight on the weekend. With the dry season upon us. It is also a popular…
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Capturing the Supermoon – perigree, syzygy and apogee

I woke up early the other day. 4:30am. Coincidently it was the morning of the April 2021 supermoon or pink moon. I took the following pictures with my Nikon D7200 with 18-300 millimetre lens.  Read this great article from a specialist on moon shots. for the variety of settings to get the moon shot that…
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Ultralight Flight into Darwin International Airport

In 2019 the Top End Flying Club in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia was invited by the Darwin Aviation Museum to fly into Darwin international airport and show our aircraft alongside the many exhibits which includes a B-52 bomber at the museum’s open day. In order for ultralights to fly into controlled airspace in Australia such…
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