Month: June 2023

Aerial photos of Zuccoli

It is fitting that I am taking photographs of this suburb from the air as Zuccoli is named after a famous Territorian and aviator. Guido Zuccoli, known as a famous aerobatic and warbird pilot along with his engineering skills. He made the Territory his home in the late 60’s. Here are some photographs of this…
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Top 10 Aircraft at MKT – 2 – Harvard

It was pointed out to me correctly after my last article about the “Top Ten…” that I was using clickbait style titles by using “Top Ten…” and then only showing one aircraft. Although unintentional, it appears to have worked. I now want to avoid a ranking war as these aircraft will appear in whatever order…
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Top End Flying Club in the news archives

I have included the full pages where possible and you can click on each image to view the stories from days gone by. Even though this is the same article below, I wanted to include the front page as it is so typically NT. And so we end this little journey down memory lane. Fly…
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