Top 10 Aircraft at MKT – 2 – Harvard

Top 10 Aircraft at MKT – 2 – Harvard

It was pointed out to me correctly after my last article about the “Top Ten…” that I was using clickbait style titles by using “Top Ten…” and then only showing one aircraft. Although unintentional, it appears to have worked. I now want to avoid a ranking war as these aircraft will appear in whatever order I type into the pictures database I have.

I am thinking I will do a “This week’s aircraft is brought to you by the Letter H”… Also don’t hold me to the “this week” part 🙂

And in fact this week it is brought to you by the letter “H”. The Harvard, an imposing and impressive aircraft does not reside at MKT, but I like to think that it is like that favourite uncle that comes to visit. You certainly know when the Harvard is overhead because of its distinctive throaty sound not to mention the propeller noise as it cuts through the air at a ridiculous speed.

The two links above take you to different references about the Harvard/SNJ/Texan. This aircraft, dating back to 1938 was and is extremely popular because of what it could do and its maintainability.

If there are more appropriate links to include, please share them in the comments. I am not using ChatGPT to write these… Anyhow – enough talk and many thanks to Mr. Nick B who provides us with this visual spectacle when he visits MKT.

Finally, I have updated the post about crocodiles with an additional album of those snappy logs.

Crocs at Shady Camp | Pilotographer


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