Month: April 2024

This ultralight flying video is popular

I don’t know why this video is popular but quite a few people have viewed it on YouTube so I thought that I’d include it here in a short post. It was actually an experiment where I had one GoPro camera mounted underneath the aircraft and another one mounted on the wing. I was using…
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Ultralight flight to Adelaide River and Fogg Dam

While I Google and try to find out how to use my multimeter to detect a short circuit in my drifter (finding information using CoPilot was quick, but finding the actual short circuit will take longer), I decided to take some time out and share a video of a flight that I took a little…
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Flying over the million-dollar fish

Well that’s the million-dollar question. On the weekends when I’m flying my ultralight over the blue waters around Darwin I looked down and see the many fishing vessels dangling a line or maybe dropping a crab pot into the waters hoping at worst a snare meal for the evening and then further up the scale…
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