Top Ten Ultralight Aircraft Makes at MKT

Top Ten Ultralight Aircraft Makes at MKT

What is impressive about flying at MKT is the number and variety of aircraft we have. In this post which will be part of a series, I want to include photographs of some of the aircraft that grace the skies above MKT airfield in the Top End of the Northern Territory of Australia.

Even though the title suggests ultralight or recreational aircraft, I will start with some interesting general aviation aircraft that call MKT home.

Before I share these albums, a big disclaimer. I am a Drifter pilot… started on drifters and will end on drifters. In the realm of general aviation (GA) aircraft, I can’t tell the difference between a Cessna and a Piper aircraft. Maybe that’s why I am drawn to more distinctive aircraft like the Antonov, Pitts Special and Harvard in the GA family. all 3 of these aircraft either live at MKT airfield or are regular visitors. The links to the aircraft names above take you to Wikipedia information about those aircraft.

The first plane I wanted to share photos of is the South African Bushcat. We have one at MKT and it is a wonderful looking aircraft. I would be tempted by the taildragger version.

Of course, everyone is interested in aircraft specifications and aircraft performance fact sheets, so here they are.

This aircraft is currently one of the training aircraft at MKT and I’m told it is an absolute delight to fly.

I will be posting more albums of aircraft at MKT.


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  1. Andre Snoxall says:

    Awesome plane to fly. Loves low and slow. Takes off and lands on a postage stamp. Highly recommend the Bushcat.

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