Top End Flying Club in the news archives

Top End Flying Club in the news archives

Cleaning out the archives today I came across some news articles involving the Top End Flying Club or MKT and some of our pilots. I am just posting them here for historical reasons. Whether it is about an open day at Coomalie or MKT – simple pleasures of flying to Crabclaw Island for breakfast or promoting flight training – the Top End Flying Club and its members have been persisting for the last 3 decades, almost four. 

Will there be another 4 decades of the TEFC? Is the notion of families gathering around aviation pursuits from a fading era, replaced by a digital non-commuting lifestyle? This will be something to compare in the coming decades.

I have included the full pages where possible and you can click on each image to view the stories from days gone by.

Open Days at MKT

We have held a few open days at MKT over the years. I think the best one was the first one we held and I was lucky enough to capture a lot of photographs for that event.

Luckily the tradition continues with Coomalie Creek Airstrip the venue this year for the night of Merlin magic.

The best way to be involved and view aircraft is to contact one of our flying instructors and come for a flight, called a Training Instructional Flight.

Newspaper articles out the Top End Flying Club have become fewer over the years due in part to the dominance of social media, but there is something nice about looking at an old newspaper, especially in colour and reminiscing about the events, camaraderie and flying that went on and still goes on.

Even though this is the same article below, I wanted to include the front page as it is so typically NT.

And so we end this little journey down memory lane. Fly safe and enjoy.


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