Ultralight flight to Adelaide River and Fogg Dam

Ultralight flight to Adelaide River and Fogg Dam

While I Google and try to find out how to use my multimeter to detect a short circuit in my drifter (finding information using CoPilot was quick, but finding the actual short circuit will take longer), I decided to take some time out and share a video of a flight that I took a little while ago that enabled me to visit some very scenic locations around Darwin.

For better or for worse this video has a narration of the places I visited along the flight.

The locations below were where I flew to starting with the Howard Springs hunting reserve (1) followed by Leaders Creek (2) and then on to the mouth of the Adelaide River where I followed it down for a little way (3) before crossing over to a place called the Wiltshires (4) and then tracked back across the river to Fogg Dam (5). It was an amazing flight.

Departing MKT airfield I headed out over Howard Springs, first flying over one of the private schools and then the Inpex village which was repurposed into a COVID quarantine centre during the pandemic and now will be repurposed again as accommodation for visiting military folks on exercise.

Leaving the city behind me I fly over the Howard Springs reserve, a mix of grasslands with saltwater flats that serve as a breeding ground and nursery for fish. Tall mangroves line the rivers and inlets of this area serve as carbon sinks and environmental purifiers.

This is shown as number 1 on the map. The next destination is Leaders Creek and the mouth of the Adelaide River. This is shown as number 2 on the map. Leaders Creek is the boat ramp destination for many fishing folks looking to fish in and around the mouth of the Adelaide River.

On the Darwin or western side of the river, there is the saltwater arm and on the eastern side, there is the Wiltshire Creek system which creates an expansive saltwater floodplain area that is also a great breeding area for fish.

I headed down the snaking s of the Adelaide River first flying over saltwater arm Creek and then headed East to fly over the Wiltshire Creek floodplain expanse. This is shown as 3 and 4 on the map.

After departing the Wiltshires, I crossed the Adelaide River tracking over the black soil plains heading towards Fogg Dam. On my way there i encountered billabongs filled with water buffalo, wild pigs and flocks of birds primarily magpie geese.

Fogg Dam was resplendent in its beauty with large Lily pads and flowers in the main dam area with areas of the dam clear of lily pads reflecting images of the clouds on the black still waters. Groups of tourists were also enjoying this destination.

This is marked by the number 5 on the map. After that, I headed back to MKT concluding a really great flight.


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