Crocs at Shady Camp

Crocs at Shady Camp

I created these two 1-minute clips taken of crocodiles out at a famous fishing location in the Northern Territory near Darwin called Shady Camp.

I did it to test out the zoom capability of software with the footage from a GoPro and also share images of the large numbers of crocodiles that live in our waters.

The album below was not taken from my plane, but from the safety of various watercraft on some of the most dangerous rivers in the NT.

In this first clip, I used Adobe Premiere and in the second clip, some generative AI – The crocodiles are real, but due to some editing, it appears a bit more scary than it really is. At the end of the day, it is the base footage that counts and also shows why we don’t swim in rivers too much up here in Northern Australia.

The large frame size of today’s cameras – 4k, 5k, 8k means that you can zoom, pan and crop videos without physically getting too close to these beasts. They must think the plane is a Pterodactyl as I haven’t seen crocodiles move like that for drones.

As the first clip suggests – Always be waterwise!

These are both in the same river system, with the clip above taken on the freshwater side of the barrage or “bridge” across the river which is at the end of the clip above and features at the start of the clip below. This is where most folks fishing at Shady Camp come to park and put their boats in. Over the years of cleaning fish by the side of the river and the fact that there are many fish there for fisherfolk as well as crocs, there are a lot of people and crocodiles in the same location.

Try to count the number of crocodiles in the clip below in the 20 seconds or so that I am over the main group of them.

Feel free to check out other flying videos over on my DoubleChook YouTube Channel.


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