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Cool Gauges on your GoPro Videos

For those of you who own a GOPRO camera, you probably know about the built-in GPS capability. If you are like me though, you may have tried to transfer some of the gauge data using the GOPRO software without much success. I wasn’t sure if it was a problem with the camera or the software…
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What’s at the end of your runway?

On a windy Sunday morning which marked the start day of the NT’s first Covid lockdown during the pandemic (27 June 2021), we took off from MKT Airstrip into a windy morning which although okay for me, was not pleasant for my passenger. This led to one of the shortest flights or longest circuits depending…
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Tigers at Gunn Point

Don’t like reading? Here is the podcast. Click the green play button before the slideshow link if you want to listen while viewing the photos. Gunn Point is a popular destination for pilots from MKT Airfield out for a recreational flight on the weekend. With the dry season upon us. It is also a popular…
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