What’s at the end of your runway?

What’s at the end of your runway?

On a windy Sunday morning which marked the start day of the NT’s first Covid lockdown during the pandemic (27 June 2021), we took off from MKT Airstrip into a windy morning which although okay for me, was not pleasant for my passenger. This led to one of the shortest flights or longest circuits depending on how you looked at it.

Wanting to salvage some kind of story from this, I thought the massive crocodile farm at the end of our airstrip is something most folks won’t have, so this clip shows what we have off the end of runway 07. This short clip though is also as much about experimenting with the cool free motion graphics available through Adobe Stock which I was able to add into Premiere Pro and customise.

You can try this out with Premiere Rush if you don’t have access to Premiere Pro.

More about showing Premiere Pro’s Motion Graphic titles from Adobe Stock

So what have you go at the end of your airstrip which may be interesting? Katherine (south of Darwin) has an old airstrip which has a cemetery at the end. The hospital is next to the cemetery so convenience plus location.


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